YAMAMOTO マテリアル コンサルティング(YMC)


Contribute to the improvement of the global environment
through material technology.

We face global warming, CO2 emissions, energy, marine pollution, water resources, etc. The problems of improving the global environment, such as environmental pollution and waste disposal, is an indispensable issue. However, there is a large difference in technological capabilities between developed countries such as Japan and developing countries represented by the Global South. In these countries, it is not possible to apply the rules of developed countries to the rules of undeveloped countries. However, if nothing is done, the global environment will only deteriorate, and we believe that materials will have a significant impact on the global environment. Materials are currently used in various fields and have become an indispensable part of our lives. However, they are factors in the deterioration of the global environment. However, in order to protect the environment, it is impossible for humanity to return to the primitive era, and for that reason, we believe that it is essential to realize environmentally friendly materials or materials produced by manufacturing methods. Materials have a significant impact on improving the global environment, and through consulting on these technologies, we would like to contribute to the improvement of the global environment from Ikeda City, which is rich in nature, where Mt. Satsuki and Inana River are located.