YAMAMOTO マテリアル コンサルティング(YMC)


Contribute to the improvement of the global environment
through material technology.

We face global warming, CO2 emissions, energy, marine pollution, water resources, etc. The problems of improving the global environment, such as environmental pollution and waste disposal, is an indispensable issue. However, there is a large difference in technological capabilities between developed countries such as Japan and developing countries represented by the Global South. In these countries, it is not possible to apply the rules of developed countries to the rules of undeveloped countries. However, if nothing is done, the global environment will only deteriorate, and we believe that materials will have a significant impact on the global environment.

I have found solutions about environmental problems by over 20 years experiences as an engineer.

To solve environmental problems, we must fully understand those companies that supply products and think about it as a whole, from the research and development design stage to the mass production and sales stages, and then disposal.

My interest in materials goes back to my own childhood experiences. From the latter half of the 1960s to the 80s, Japan was in a period of high economic growth, and the environment in urban areas, especially industrial cities, was absolutely terrible. Especially in Osaka City, when I was younger, I experienced bad smog where I couldn't go out . There were also times where I couldn't see ahead of me because of the smoke from the factory. The river near where I lived was overflowing with garbage and the smell was so bad that I often had to hold my breath and cross the bridge. It was not flatteringly called a river. Having spent my childhood in such a situation, I had had a strong desire to improve this situation when I grew up. Therefore, when choosing a university, I chose the Department of Chemistry without hesitation. When I got a job, I joined a manufacturer that handled a wide range of chemical products. Therefore, as a supplier of chemical products, we have been engaged in business for more than 20 years in various applications through the field of nonwoven fabrics.

Yamamoto Materials Consulting (YMC)



We are technical consulting for each business stage in the commercialization of materials.It is commonly referred to as obstacles at each stage of the business (Devil's River, Valley of Death, Darwin's See) .We propose a solution that can overcome at the each business sates.



Research stage
「Devil's River」

Product development from the research stage
contract period: 1~2 years



Commercialization stage
「Valley of death」

Establishment of commercialization and mass production technology
contract period: 2~3 years



Sales Expansion Differentiation Stage
「Darwin's Sea」

Product Differentiation and Application Development
Contract period: 1~3 years


In addition to various consultations up to R&D and sales, please contact us if you have any concerns or problems related to projects across organizations.