YAMAMOTO マテリアル コンサルティング(YMC)


We are technical consulting for each business stage in the commercialization of materials.It is commonly referred to as obstacles at each stage of the business (Devil's River, Valley of Death, Darwin's See) .We propose a solution that can overcome at the each business sates.


Research stage 「Devil's River」

Product development from the research stage
contract period: 1~2 years

We will make proposals for new materials and processing methods invented or developed by research institutes (companies, universities, etc.), and in what markets they should proceed with commercialization, what kind of specifications should be assumed, and experimental plans should be made for that purpose. Again, in addition to simply providing advice, we will conduct joint experiments together and provide consulting until we finally complete a prototype that fits the specifications to some extent on a laboratory scale. Moreover, we select raw materials that are environmentally friendly (recyclability, CO2 emissions, impact on the human body, etc.).


Commercialization stage
「Valley of death」

Establishment of commercialization and mass production technology
contract period: 2~3 years

We advise on how to mass-produce prototype products developed on a laboratory scale developed by companies and research institutes, where to procure raw materials, where to produce or process them, what kind of equipment or inspections are necessary to control the quality of the mass-produced products, etc.. As well as this ,we witness mass production tests and processing tests ourselves. We will provide consulting until the quality of the product is stabilized. As for the manufacturing method, we select and propose a processing method that takes environmental pollution into consideration.


Sales Expansion Differentiation Stage
「Darwin's Sea」

Product Differentiation and Application Development
Contract period: 1~3 years

What kind of application development is used for mass-produced products in companies to expand sales in the market? How should we differentiate ourselves from other products in the same market? It's not just about giving advice, it's about accompanying sales and working with users.We will make a sales pitch and provide consulting until the sale is concluded.

■Consulting Achievements

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